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Compendium of Hybrid Teaching Practices


Are you an enthusiastic teacher wishing to introduce hybrid scenarios into your lessons and looking for some inspirations? Then have a look into the collection of exciting hybrid teaching practices below that were designed and implemented by teachers across different Europe’s countries, such as Belgium, France, Germany, Lithuania and others, and compiled by the HYBOT team.

Don’t miss the chance to benefit from the experience of your peers and gain some ideas for your own hybrid teaching scenario!

Chatbot development tool

For which educational purposes can conversational chatbots be used? Harvesting feedback, or answering frequently asked questions, or supporting interaction? HYBOT partners identified different application settings and developed 5 small-scale chatbot pilots in English as well as in their native languages, which are German, French, Estonian, Lithuanian and Portuguese.

Open training program on chatbots creation

The HYBOT training program is an all-round solution for teachers wishing to design and develop their own chatbots to enhance their lessons. Our training program combines technological and pedagogical know-how: teachers will not only learn about the chatbot workflow design, but also creating pedagogical settings to be supported with chatbots!

The pilot edition of the training program will start in January, 2024. Save the date and be part of the piloting group!

Download the User Guide: 

Piloted chatbot-based hybrid teaching scenarios

How can chatbots, in fact, support hybrid teaching scenarios in higher education? HYBOT will investigate this in an empirical way! We will invite enthusiastic teachers from our institutions to design their own chatbot-based scenarios for hybrid teaching and pilot them with real students! Looking forward to these pedagogical experiments which will demonstrate the viability of HYBOT approach for higher education!